Skill Development- Policy and implementation


Skill Development Project of Chamber India
Skill Development Project of Chamber India

This is designed to connect members with a future of innovation and inclusion in the filed of skill development, while staying true to the CHAMBER INDIA mission of strengthening rural youth. India received a boost in the year 2014, thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s renewed emphasis on skill development to boost innovation, create high-skilled jobs, and improve people’s quality of life.

This work will, among other things also like focus on accelerating medical research and technological advances, providing greener solutions for transport, and energy storage, and finding ethical ways to make sure of big data for business.

CHAMBER INDIA will bring to members, knowledgeable speakers on ground-breaking topics. Behind the scenes, the CHAMBER INDIA team will be dedicating time and resources for driving an innovative and inclusive future India’s foreign relations. We encouraged all CHAMBER INDIA members to actively participate in this year’s upcoming activity; “shaping a progressive, human-centric society that faces modern challenges head on”.