Multi-Sectoral Business Delegation to the Global South

The Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable Development and Foreign Relations (Chamber India) is pleased to propose A Multi-Sectoral Business Delegation to the Global South in October 2023. The delegation aims to promote trade and investment between India and the Global South, and to strengthen the economic ties between the two regions.

India and the Global South share a longstanding and mutually beneficial trade relationship that has flourished over the years. India holds a prominent position as one of the largest trading partners for numerous countries in the Global South, and this region has become a key market for Indian goods and services. Global South is home to a growing middle class, an increasing urban population and a young workforce, which present a huge opportunity for Indian businesses. Moreover, this market remains largely untapped, creating ample opportunities for Indian companies to expand their operations and establish a stronger presence in the region.

The products/sectors that will be covered during this delegation are as under:

Renewable Energy








Financial Services

And a few other sectors

The Multi-Sectoral Business Delegation will provide Indian companies with an opportunity to explore and gain deeper understanding of the Global South market, establish business connections and identify new trade and investment opportunities. It will serve as a platform for companies to showcase their products and services to the region's buyers. The delegation will also provide an opportunity to participate in business-to-business meetings and networking events, as well as to visit key industry sites and participate in roundtable discussions with industry experts.