Council for Intellectual Property Rights

Prof. Ganesh Hingmire

Prof. Ganesh Hingmire, Head of IPR Council, Chamber India
Prof. Ganesh Hingmire, Head of IPR Council, Chamber India

Prof. Ganesh Hingmire is a renowned Intellectual Property (IP) Enthusiast and a winner of two Consecutive National Intellectual Property Awards in 2015 & 2016 given by Ministry of Commerce, Gov. of India.

He is the founder of Great Mission Group Consultancy, which is dedicated to the promotion and protection of IPR in the country. He is also the founder and director of GMGC IPR Services Pvt. Ltd., a Start-Up recognised by the Government of India under the Start-Up India Scheme.

He has published over 200 articles in almost all major newspapers. In addition, he has written two books on Economics and Intellectual Property Rights. Two more books are in the works. Most of the news outlets in Maharashtra have interviewed him in recognition of his work, and he has made the most of the opportunity to reach out to farmers and aspirants and educate them about intellectual property rights. He has attended six Ministerial Conferences of World Trade Organization (WTO) at Cancun (2003), Hong Kong (2005), Geneva (2011), Indonesia (2013), Kenya (2015) and Argentina (2017) and his three position papers on GI issues have been published at WTO Website.

Prof. Hingmire chose to work in the area of community IP Rights i.e. Geographical Indications and make it as a tool for economic growth of India. He worked as an expert for International project called “A Tale of G.I. in India” supported by European Union and Government of India. He has worked 30 G.I’s out of which 26 are registered. His contribution in registering Agricultural G.I is more than 25% of total Agricultural G.I. registered in India. It is because of his genuine efforts and relentless hardwork, Maharashtra is top in the list of Agricultural GIs in India. Being the trailblazer in the field of Intellectual Property and particularly in the area of community IP Rights, Ganesh has incalculable level of understanding and experience regarding building a business out of an innovative concept.