Cooperatives are organizations owned and democratically operated by their members, who share the profits or benefits generated. They often exist to provide services that may not be easily provided through traditional market structures.  Examples of Indian cooperatives include AMUL, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO ), Shree Mahila Gruha Udyog (Lijjat Papad).

Coopertives usually includes credit unions, which offer financial services; agricultural cooperatives, which buy inputs like fertilizer and seeds in bulk for their members; and food co-ops, which offer affordable healthy foods. 

What is the role of cooperative in society?

Cooperatives also play an important role in local communities, providing jobs and contributing to economic development. The main purpose of a cooperative is to provide shared resources, services, and opportunities for its members in order to promote economic growth and sustainability. Cooperatives often focus on improving the financial security and quality of life of their members through collective action and mutual support. Additionally, cooperatives can help strengthen local economies by creating jobs, providing affordable products or services, and investing profits into the community.

How can chamber of commerce help cooperatives?

The Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for cooperatives looking to further their collective goals. With the expertise and experience of its members, it can provide practical advice on how to effectively manage resources, develop services and opportunities that benefit both members and the wider community, create new jobs and drive economic growth. Additionally, through effective advocacy and lobbying, the Chamber of Commerce can advocate for cooperative interests, ensuring their voices are heard in decision-making circles. Utilizing the power of collective action, can help cooperatives realize greater success in achieving their objectives and ultimately ensure that members gain maximum benefit from the shared resources available to them.

person in red sweater holding babys hand
person in red sweater holding babys hand
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