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Centre of Excellence

The world is changing. And so too is education. The CHAMBER INDIA Centre of Excellence is designed to bring educators together in person and online to learn, share, and inspire. Through thought leadership and new collaborations, we can bring about changes to how we think about teaching and what future education models could look like.

The mission of the CHAMBER INDIA- Centre of Excellence is to support closer links between industry and academia by establishing physical and online learning centers across India.

The internationalisation and best practices across universities

To understand the rationale behind India’s internationalisation drive in Education, Skill Development, Culture, Sports, Agriculture, Science and Technology. This will give the members and community a chance to understand – how global good practices and internationalisation are key in improving the nation’s links with the world.

Education 2022: Crisis Driven Change

Uncertainty has prevailed for educational organisations across the world throughout this year. The impact of COVID-19 on education has been profound. With school and university campus closures, online and hybrid learning systems have been rapidly proliferating. The challenges and frustrations have been immense and can be palpably seen on the faces of educators, educational leaders and parents worldwide.

Changes, Challenges and Opportunities in Education

This session will be outlining the wide-ranging situations of schools and skill training providers. While some have made the shift to online teaching and are focusing on effective delivery, others have still to overcome barriers that include lack of technology, equipment and know-how. Most Indian schools have had limited success in going digital.

The Future of Education

CHAMBER INDIA members are on the forefront of driving positive change through D&I initiatives, building an inclusive culture and environment where diversity is both embraced and leveraged as a competitive advantage.